Jamie already contributed to several charities. Feel free to follow his example of kindness; Click below to make a donation to those charities.

"As a little boy I was fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Terminator'"

“I stopped looking at rumors about me on Google; more or less since the one saying there was a crisis in my marriage, bullshit!”


A Private War

Status: Filming   -   Role: Paul Conroy

IMDb  •   Photos

Status: post-production   -   Role: Nick

IMDb  •   Photos
Fifty Shades Darker

Status: Out Now    -   Role: Christian Grey

IMDb  •   Photos

Fifty Shades Freed

Status: post-production   -   Role: Christian Grey

IMDb  •   Photos
Robin Hood

Status: post-production   -   Role: Will Scarlet

IMDb  •   Photos
My Dinner with Herve

Status: post-production   -   Role: Danny Tate

IMDb  •   Photos

Status: Pre-Production   -   Role: Prisoner

IMDb  •   Photos
Untitled David James Kelly project

Status: in development   -   Role: Unknown

IMDb  •   Photos

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Your first and best source on the Irish actor and former model since 2011. Jamie is known as a model with his major campaigns for several brands such as Dior, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. As for his acting career, it took off thanks to his role in the TV show Once Upon a Time and his unforgettable role as a serial killer in The Fall. In 2015, his popularity becomes worldwide with his biggest role so far, Christian Grey, in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Dakota Johnson. In 2016, Jamie was the main actor in three other movies: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Jadotville and Anthropoid. His upcoming projects are the movie Untogether and a new adaptation of Robin Hood. You will find all his news on the fansite and a gallery as complete as possible.

Jamie's 2018 Schedule

•   January   -   A Private War Filming in London

•   Jan 19   -   The Graham Norton Show (UK)

•   Jan 24   -   Fifty Shades Freed Press Conference (US)

•   Jan 31   -   The Ellen Show (US)

•   Jan 31   -   Jimmy Kimmel Live (US)

•   Feb 1   -   Fifty Shades Freed LA Premiere

•   Feb 1   -   The Late Late Show with James Corden (US)

•   Feb 5   -   ITV Lorraine (UK)

•   Feb 5   -   C à Vous (France)

•   Feb 6   -   Fifty Shades Freed Premiere (Paris)

•   Feb 7   -   ‘Face to Face’ with Eamonn Mallie (UK)

•   Feb 8   -   CONAN (US)

•   Feb 20   -   GQ Event for Timothee Chalamet (US)

•   March 2   -   Women in Film Pre-Oscar Party (US)

•   March 3   -   Chanel & Charles Flinch Pre-Oscar Dinner



• Best Drama Performance (The Fall) – National TV Awards - 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – BIFA – 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – National Film Awards – 2017

• Best Actor in a Lead Role Film (Jadotville) – IFTA - 2017

• Best Celebrity - Ulster Tatler Awards - 2017


Tuesday, November 01st, 2016

Infos, Pictures and Interview

Here’s a new recap post on Jamie’s latest news:

Various Information:
– Jamie will attend a Q&A for The Fall tomorrow in Los Angeles for SAG-AFTRA Foundation
– Jamie will be a guest on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel this Thursday
– Jamie is nominated at the BIFA awards as best Supporting Actor in Anthropoid. Ceremony and results on December 4 in London.

Latest Pictures:
– Several pictures of Jamie on the set of Jadotville last year
– 3 new outtakes from Jamie’s photoshoot for l’Uomo Vogue
– 2 new pictures on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey + 1 new still of Fifty Shades Darker

The Siege of Jadotville – 2016 > On the set > • Various

Photoshoots > 2016 > • Norman Jean Roy

Fifty Shades

Interview “Yahoo On the set of The Fall” : (under Read More)

• Read More?

Thursday, January 07th, 2016

Anthropoid + Various

Several Jamie’s pictures (new and old) have been added to the gallery recetly, so here’s a recap post if you don’t want to miss any:

– A new Anthropoid picture (Jan Kubis’ ID card)
– A picture of Jamie wearing Darth Vader‘s mask at the Anthropoid script read through last summer.
– Two new portraits of Jamie by photographer Jonathan Birch for BAFTA
– One scan of Jamie in UK magazine Heat from this week

– A new picture of Dakota and Jamie on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey in 2013
– One outtake from Jamie and Eddie Redmayne’s photoshoot for UK Style in 2009
– One outtake from Jamie’s photoshoot by Mert & Marcus for Visionaire in 2007
– A new picture from Jamie’s photoshoot for Attitude magazine in 2006

Moreover, I uploaded a new song sung by Jamie in the 2000s. It is called When I Go, by the composer Ali Thomson. You can listen to it below:

Friday, July 31st, 2015


Here’s a recap of the latest photos added in the gallery recently:

4 scans of Jamie in an old issue of Vogue Italy (2004)
– 2 HQ scans of Sons of Jim (Jamie and David) in an issue of Grazia UK 2006
– 1 new BTS picture on the set of the movie Marie Antoinette
– 1 new promotional picture, 1 new BTS picture, and 2 new stills of Fifty Shades of Grey

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015


Here’s a recap post about Jamie’s latest news and the latest pictures added in the gallery:

About Jamie
Several people talked about Jamie in interviews recently; here are their quotes:

Mark Bridges, Fifty Shades of Grey costume designer:
“Jamie worked very hard to get up to speed, he was very committed to the role”, Mark said.
“He is already a model so it made my job easier as it’s hard to make him look bad.”

Kristian Taylor-Wood, photographer – brother of Sam Taylor Johnson:
“Jamie in my opinion is a million times cooler in real life than Christian. Jamie is really funny, clever and has a huge heart.”

GillianAnderson – The Fall:
Who else on your show deserves an Emmy and why?
“Definitely Jamie Dornan, I would say, who plays Spector. Definitely in the last scene that we have together, there’s an interrogation scene, and it’s the first time that the characters have been face to face. I would say we definitely see Jamie’s acting talent in that exchange.”

FIFA’s outgoing vice-president Jimmy Boyce:
The one person you would like to play you in a movie?
“(Laughs) Jamie Dornan! (laughs again.. even louder). One of my sister’s best friends is Jim Dornan, Jamie’s dad. Jamie has put Northern Ireland on the map. He will do for me. (more laughs).”


Here’s a new video of Jamie interviewed during Fifty Shades of Grey Press Junkets in February. In this interview he talks about the movie, his accent and his asthma.


Several pictures were added in the gallery these last days, here’s a recap if you don’t want to miss any:

2 photos of Jamie on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey
1 still of Fifty Shades of Grey; Christian in front of Charlie Tango
4 photos of Jamie and Amelia attending a charity party for Julia’s House Children’s Hospic (June 2014)
1 photo of Jamie in Los Angeles in March

Monday, June 08th, 2015

Jamie’s dialect coach on FSOG

The website 50shadesgirlportland got an exclusive interview of Jesse Platt, Jamie’s dialect coach for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. We thank her for letting us share his answers. Here’s what Jesse said about his experience on the movie with Jamie.
(exlusive interview to 50shadesgirlportland and our site)

– How long did you have to prepare with Jamie before filming began.
“I worked with him on his audition as well as prepping him for the film. I think we worked for about 2 weeks and then of course, I was there on set every day.”

– Were you contacted right when he was casted.
“I got him through his audition.”

– How much time were you together with helping him.
“Prep was about an hour a day.”

– What did you focus on with helping him with his accent.
“Giving him an American accent! Teaching him the sounds that were American.”

– What methods did you use.
“My own method. I’ve been in the dialect business for 20 years.”

– What were the most difficult parts to work on and easiest.
“Specific sounds that are very foreign to someone from Belfast.”

– Is there a certain pacific northwest way of speaking for Christian Grey.
“Not really. The director wanted more like ‘general American’.”

– Will you be back for DARKER?
“Don’t know yet.”