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"As a little boy I was fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Terminator'"

“I stopped looking at rumors about me on Google; more or less since the one saying there was a crisis in my marriage, bullshit!”


The Fall - Season 3

Status: Out now   -   Role: Paul Spector

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Status: post-production   -   Role: Nick

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Fifty Shades Darker

Status: Out Now    -   Role: Christian Grey

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Fifty Shades Freed

Status: post-production   -   Role: Christian Grey

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Robin Hood

Status: post-production   -   Role: Will Scarlet

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My Dinner with Herve

Status: post-production   -   Role: Danny Tate

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Untitled David James Kelly project

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• Best Drama Performance (The Fall) – National TV Awards - 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – BIFA – 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – National Film Awards – 2017

• Best Actor in a Lead Role Film (Jadotville) – IFTA - 2017

• Best Celebrity - Ulster Tatler Awards - 2017


Friday, August 12th, 2016


The movie Anthropoid is out in theaters today in US and Canada! That’s why several websites published their interviews of Jamie and Cillian today. So here’s a new recap post with all the latest released interviews.


WhoSay: Were you at all familiar with this story beforehand?

Jamie Dornan: I wasn’t familiar with this part of the WWII, and was amazed by how it changed the course of WWII. Obviously it’s huge for Czech people, this incident in history, this assassination. It was the highest ranking Nazi ever taken out. It was a revelation to read about it.

WhoSay: What are some of your personal favorite war movies?

Murphy: I like Full Metal Jacket, I like The Thin Red Line.

Dornan: Ah, he stole mine. I was going to say The Thin Red Line, and I was going to say Full Metal Jacket. There’s a film called Coming Home which I think is a brilliant take on the effects of war. Tropic Thunder, obviously. That’s a classic tale of war. There’s plenty of them, and I think they’ll keep making war films for as long as they’re making films, to be honest. They’re always relevant.

WhoSay: Jamie, I find it funny you’re known for playing the ultimate romance lead Christian Grey, but your character in this intense war film is much more quixotic, romantic, and less cynical. Do you relate to one more than the other?

Dornan: I’d say I definitely relate to [my character] Jan Kubiš more than I would Christian Grey. One of the many things that I find very alluring about this project, and playing this character, was that I haven’t played many characters who are vulnerable. I’ve often played people who are very much in control and know what they want, and are often quite aggressive with it. I liked that Jan had this vulnerability, had panic attacks, and felt that he was in over his head for a lot of the mission. I feel that I would probably react like that myself. I don’t think I would be like Cillian’s character Josef, who is stronger. He’s the one who’s got his head in the game more, and the one who’s basically the alpha. I’m not one of those people, so I think I can relate to Jan a lot on that level.

WhoSay: What projects would you want to work on next? Would you want to go into, let’s say, comedy?

Murphy: Comedy, definitely, because I think Jamie’s career is a comedy in itself. No, I have no idea. No one sends me comedy scripts. It’s just about good directors, good stories, whatever comes your way.

Dornan: I’m sort of open to anything. If you read something and there’s a character you want to play, a world you want to be in, and it happens to be funny, then that’s cool. I don’t think you want to become one of those actors that only does certain types of films. I think it’s really good to be diverse as an actor, and keep the options open. I like the idea of comedy, but Cillian can’t do it, because he’s not funny in the slightest.

WhoSay: I don’t know. I think you should do a buddy comedy together.

Dornan: We should. We should pitch that to the studios this week.

WhoSay: It would be a blockbuster.

Dornan: I agree with you.


“What did we take away from the movie? Just friendship, I would say. It’s genuine. You don’t always get that,” says Dornan.

Of course, it’s not exactly reciprocated, he jokes. “I’ve tried Cillian a million times this week and he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t get back to me. I heard that’s the kind of guy he is. And it’s true,” says Dornan.

But in reality, “We’re all genuinely proud of the movie. I’m very proud of Cillian and Sean and a tiny bit proud of myself.”

“We do this thing with my kids sometimes: ‘So if you’re stuck on a desert island, who would you have with you?’ My little boy was like, ‘Who’s the guy you did ‘Anthropoid’ with, Jamie? I’d take him. He’s funny. And the guy from ‘Fast & Furious.’ Vin Diesel. He can help. You’re just there for the comedy,” says Murphy to Dornan, who looks faux-outraged.

“I can fight off pirates and (expletive!)” he exclaims.

Click on Read More to read Jamie’s interviews for The Hollywood Reporter, Inverse, Irish Central, National Post, IndieWire and The Irish Echo, and check a new scan from People magazine.

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Latest news

During the huge promotion of Anthropoid, several news on the movie The 9th Life of Louis Drax were released as well. Therefore, here’s a recap post if you don’t want to miss anything!



“Dr. Allan Pascal is our way into the story,” says Minghella. “He is very charismatic, very handsome, very smart, and on the cutting edge of new technology and research in his field. But he ultimately falls prey to the enigmatic power of Natalie Drax, and that, for me, is the thrust of the film. All of Jamie’s work that I’ve seen has been extraordinary and I knew he would bring this character to life in a compelling way.”

Dornan says it was the exceptional quality of the writing and the complexity of Pascal’s character that persuaded him to take on the role. “Max has written such a brilliant, genre-bending script,” he says. “I hadn’t read anything like it before. It has both mystery and heart, two things you don’t see put together very often, and I genuinely fell in love with it.”

Dornan likens Natalie’s allure to that of the Sirens of Greek mythology: gorgeous creatures whose sad, sweet songs lured passing sailors to their deaths. “Natalie Drax has a Sirenesque quality that Allan Pascal cannot see,” says the actor. “Against his better judgment, he can’t do anything but fall for her. She has this effect on him that is beyond a simple attraction.”

This interview was made during The 9th Life of Louis Drax press junkets in New York but in this extract, Jamie only talks about the filming of Fifty Shades Freed in Nice. Obviously, more Louis Drax press junkets interviews will be released later


A new poster and several new stills of the movie were added in the gallery:


Finally, here’s the first sneak peek with Jamie of the movie!

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Associated Press & New York Times

Here are two new interviews of Jamie; very interesting ones. The first one is from Associated Press and Jamie explains why he left social media and talks about The Fall series 3; the second one is for New York Times and he talks about his family and Anthropoid.


Don’t look for Jamie Dornan on social media. He’s had it.

Specifically, he’s had it with hate-mongering trolls he’s encountered despite a hyper fan base for “Fifty Shades” and “The Fall.”

“To be honest, I was very inactive on it in the last year,” he said during a recent round of interviews for two upcoming films, “Anthropoid” and “The 9th Life of Louis Drax.”

“To delete my Instagram … I had to email my publicist to get the password. Twitter I used to have a bit of fun with back in the day but I think I’ve tweeted twice in the last year,” Dornan said.

The reality of living life out loud on social media looks like this from his perspective:

“The more public interest in you, the more horrible people become,” Dornan said. “People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children. What’s the point?”

On the “Fifty Shades” front, which includes back-to-back filming of the steamy trilogy’s last two installments, Dornan is enjoying the prospect of life post-Christian Grey.

“It’s satisfying to put an end to any job, I think, and to do two back to back, I think there’s an element of relief that the work is done and you’re happy with it,” he said.

And, yes, his wife, Amelia Warner, spent some time on the “Fifty Shades” sets.

“Yeah, a couple of times on choice days,” Dornan said. “There were some days where it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for her to be hanging around.”

Dornan wouldn’t spill on season 3 of his popular BBC series, which is set in Belfast and has him playing Paul Spector, a bereavement counselor, married man and unassuming dad of two by day, stalker and slayer of women by night.

“You can expect the unexpected. There’s quite remarkable turns in the third season that I really genuinely think people won’t see coming that are hugely exciting,” he said.

The series co-stars Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, the London detective sent to crack the case. She finds herself in a morbid game of cat and mouse with Spector, who — as far as we know — isn’t quite as clever as he fancies himself, considering he wound up getting shot several times at the end of season 2.

The new season of “The Fall” is expected in the fall, according to some reports.

“You know, that job changed my life,” Dornan said of the series. “They’re like family to me and I’m forever grateful for it to be a part of my life and, you know, I would play that character to my dying days if I had the opportunity.”

Does that include a fourth season?

“I don’t know anything about that,” he smiled.


While happy to be employed, the “Fifty Shades” hunk said he’s been working on back-to-back projects for what seems like forever and can’t wait to “play a bit of golf” as he chills at home in London with his wife and two young children later this year.

“They’ve been with me everywhere I’ve filmed but still I’d like to have more than just the weekends and the odd evening with them,” Dornan said during a recent media tour. “It’s time to be on daddy duty for a while.”

Veering in and out of all of these worlds at a breakneck pace suits Dornan just fine.

“I love that aspect of it. My mind can be quite busy and sort of constantly kinetic and I think … I’ve picked a good profession to sort of enable that,” he said. “But sometimes it’s tricky.”

Unlike some Hollywood war shoot-em-ups, Dornan felt the weight of history, and the desire to get it right, as did his fellow Irishman, Murphy, and director Sean Ellis, who also co-wrote, served as director of photography and produced.

When it comes to mainstream war thrillers, Dornan said there isn’t always “such an intention to stick to the facts or tell a very truthful portrayal,” but he acknowledged certain realities that “you are still making two hours of entertainment, so there’s got to be compromises here or there, something else sprinkled in that elevates the story.”

As for his role helping Dornan move beyond his BDSM-loving “Fifty Shades” character, Christian Grey, Ellis was happy to oblige.

“He’s just starting to hit his stride now,” Ellis said. “I’ve never seen ‘Fifty Shades’ so I can’t comment on it but I had seen ‘The Fall’ and that was what I cast him on.”

Dornan and Murphy, the former from Northern Ireland and the latter from Ireland, the former six years the latter’s junior at 34, enjoyed the World War II ride and their 39 days of shooting in Prague, including at locations where real events took place and where buildings still bear the scars.

“Just when I met Jamie, myself and my wife were completely obsessed with ‘The Fall’ and had been watching it, and then to get to meet him,” Murphy said. “Everyone said you’re going to get on famously.”

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Latest news

Here’s a new recap post of the latest interviews, pictures and videos of the movie Anthropoid

Interviews of Jamie about the movie


Anthropoid is incredibly historically accurate. How did you approach these roles given that you both play real historical figures?

Jamie Dornan: Neither of us knew much about the operation before we got sent the script, but there’s lots of stuff online, obviously, and Sean [Ellis] gave us these amazing booklets — he said, “This is your bible until we start filming.” Luckily, we were both cast pretty early on. Cillian was cast before me, but we were both cast with plenty of time before we started filming. [The booklet had] every single thing that we needed to know about the operation, about every aspect of it. It’s very rare to be handed something like that by a director. It was kind of great, he did so much of the work for us in giving us this book. I got a lot of stuff out of that.

JD: I went from the real church in the morning to the set in the same day, and you couldn’t tell the difference.

With that accuracy in mind, how did you create your characters?

JD: There has to be a distinction between these two characters. With two leads going through the same story, going through the same scenario, if they’re behaving and reacting the same way to every incident, then why have the two characters? That wasn’t necessarily based on anything historical, but there has to be a distinction, and it’s very clear that Cillian’s character Jozef was the alpha. He was the one that was in control, and headstrong about completing the mission. His motive was, “Get in and do what we’re told,” and I think [my character] Jan is a little bit more relatable to people, because the reality is that, if I was in that situation, I would behave more like Jan, where I would have a fucking panic attack. I’d be like, “I’m not shooting someone in the back of the head.” To me, that’s the reality of the situation, whereas Cillian’s character is more of a man, basically.

Jamie, Anthropoid was definitely a step away from the Christian Grey universe. Were you hoping to diversify?

JD: I think that diversity as an actor is a pretty useful thing to have. You don’t want to be too repetitive. I wouldn’t want to do just those films, I wouldn’t want to do any films where you’re playing the same character all the time, whatever it is. You’ve gotta keep it interesting, and challenge yourself, and do roles that you think are worthwhile and interest you. That can come in all different forms, but you want to make sure that they’re not the same over and over again.

Anything you can tell us about 50 Shades?

JD: We’ve done them. They’re over.


For Dornan, Anthropoid represents a significant departure from his recent turns as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey and Paul Spector in the BBC2/Netflix series “The Fall.” “I was blown away by the story,” says Dornan, who first learned about “Operation Anthropoid” when he read the screenplay. “It’s fascinating that something of this magnitude could exist and yet people do not know about it.”

Before shooting began, Murphy and Dornan spent months researching the assassination they would dramatize on screen. “Sean gave me and Cillian this book called Operation Anthropoid which gives a blow-by-blow account of every detail of the mission,” Dornan says. “That became our bible.” Additionally the actors trained with a Czech group devoted to World War II re-enactments and the weaponry of the early 1940s.

Along with the physical and emotional demands of their roles, the actors had to master Czechoslovakian accents. Ellis decided to have the Nazi soldiers speak German to emphasize the fact that they are a foreign occupying army, while the resistance fighters speak Czechoslovak-tinged English.

“I was terrified at first by the idea of doing a Czech accent,” adds Dornan. “Unlike Russian, which you can really hang your hat on because it’s a stronger and more definitive accent, Czech is quite subtle really.”

Recreating 1940s Prague

For the scenes inside the cathedral, a replica of the church’s vast interior was built by more than 40 crew members at Barrandov Studios, one of the largest soundstages in Europe. The ceiling alone weighed 16 tons and was produced on the ground from 910 bags of concrete, 300 bags of plaster, nearly 1,000 square feet of glass and over 35,000 square feet of wooden boards. Crew members then hoisted the ceiling into position with 38 chain winches.

Dornan was floored by the accuracy of the cathedral set. “On a Tuesday, I went to the real cathedral and saw the actual spot where my character Jan took his last breath, which had a massive effect on me,” he recalls. “And then on Thursday I went to the set of the church. It blew my mind because it was literally identical. The attention to detail was like nothing I’ve ever seen, reproduced exactly to the scale of the church. Honestly, it’s the most impressive set I’ve ever seen in my life.”

BTS Pictures

You can find in the gallery 7 new BTS pictures, taken on the set of the movie last year:

Press Junket Interviews

Finally, here are 4 new interviews from Anthropoid NY press junkets.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Press Junkets + AOL Build Portrait

There’s lot of news on Anthropoid this week as the movie will be released on Friday in the US. You can watch 4 new interviews of Jamie (and Cillian Murphy) below, filmed during Anthropoid press junkets in New York last week.

One new portrait for AOL Build has been added to the gallery as well. Check it!

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