Jamie already contributed to several charities. Feel free to follow his example of kindness; Click below to make a donation to those charities.

"As a little boy I was fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Terminator'"

“I stopped looking at rumors about me on Google; more or less since the one saying there was a crisis in my marriage, bullshit!”



Status: Out now   -   Role: Jan Kubis

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The Fall - Season 3

Status: Out now   -   Role: Paul Spector

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Status: Out now   -   Role: PAT QUINLAN

IMDb  •   Photos
The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

Status: Out now   -   Role: DR ALLAN PASCAL

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Status: post-production   -   Role: Nick

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Fifty Shades Darker

Status: Out Now    -   Role: Christian Grey

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Fifty Shades Freed

Status: post-production   -   Role: Christian Grey

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Robin Hood

Status: production   -   Role: Will Scarlet

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Welcome to Jamie Dornan Online,

Your first and best source on the Irish actor and former model since 2011. Jamie is known as a model with his major campaigns for several brands such as Dior, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. As for his acting career, it took off thanks to his role in the TV show Once Upon a Time and his unforgettable role as a serial killer in The Fall. In 2015, his popularity becomes worldwide with his biggest role so far, Christian Grey, in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Dakota Johnson. In 2016, Jamie was the main actor in three other movies: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Jadotville and Anthropoid. His upcoming projects are the movie Untogether and a new adaptation of Robin Hood. You will find all his news on the fansite and a gallery as complete as possible.

Jamie's 2017 Schedule

•   January - May   -   Robin Hood Filming

•   Jan 31   -   Jamie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

•   Jan 31   -   Jamie on Jimmy Kimmel Live

•   Feb 1   -   Jamie on The Talk

•   Feb 1   -   Jamie on Conan

•   Feb 2   -   Jamie on Today Show

•   Feb 2   -   Fifty Shades Darker Premiere (LA)

•   Feb 3   -   Fifty Shades Darker Press (LA)

•   Feb 7   -   Fifty Shades Darker Premiere (Hamburg)

•   Feb 8   -   Fifty Shades Darker Premiere (Madrid)

•   Feb 9   -   Fifty Shades Darker Premiere (London)

•   Feb 10   -   Jamie on The Graham Norton Show

•   Feb 12   -   British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA)

•   Feb 24   -   United Voices Rally (LA)

•   Feb 25   -   Chanel Pre-Oscars Dinner

•   Feb 26   -   The Oscars

•   April 6   -   Robin Hood Press Conference



• Best Celebrity - Ulster Tatler Awards - 2016

• Best Drama Performance (The Fall) – National TV Awards - 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – BIFA – 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – National Film Awards – 2017

• Best Actor in a Lead Role Film (Jadotville) – IFTA - 2017


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Video Message

On April 28th, the organization Walk of Life will hold a fashion show with several celebrities for the charities Parkinsons UK and Boom Foundation. The event will take place in Northern Ireland and Jim Dornan, Jamie’s father, will participate. Jamie was invited as well but he will be in Budapest to continue the filming of Robin Hood. That’s why he recorded this video message for the show and the charities.

More information on the event on their Facebook page: LINK

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Jamie VS Stephen Clements

A few weeks ago, host radio Stephen Clements from Q radio (Belfast), aired a rap from himself on the song Stan by Eminem, where he pretends to be a fan of Jamie. You can listen to it here: LINK
After several days, Jamie replied to his rap and the radio aired his reply this morning. You can listen to Jamie’s rap below.

This rap battle was for fun of course, but also for a serious cause because Jamie and Stephen raised money fo the charity Tiny Life, for which they are both patrons. You can still donate money on this link: LINK
Finally, you can also find a new picture of Jamie for Tiny Life in the gallery.

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Children In Need

Last night, Jamie participated to the show Children In Need on BBC which helps getting donations for the charity. He took part in a pre recorded funny sketch with the actor Eddie Redmayne who called several celebrities, including Jamie, in order to find the bear Pudsey. You can watch Jamie’s part below and find some screencaps in the gallery.

For more information on the charity Chidren In Need and make a donation, click on this LINK

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Charity auction

Each year, the charity Doodle 4 NF holds a charity auction with different doodles drawn by celebrities. These doodles have a very important aim: the funds they raise will benefit NF, Inc. Network, an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF). Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births. For more information you can check these websites: Doodle4NF / NFnetwork

This year, Jamie Dornan is participating for the third time to this event and he drew a new doodle. The charity auction will start on May 5th on Ebay and I will give you the link as soon as it’s available. I’m really supporting this cause because funds raised from the Doodle Day auction will go to support education, advocacy, coalitions, and research for treatments and a cure. We can be very proud of Jamie for taking part to this project one more time. If you’re interesting in the auction, you can check Jamie’s doodle in our gallery! Gillian Anderson even signed the back of Jamie’s drawing and wrote: “Clearly Stella & Spector sailing away together. (to hell)

EDIT: Here’s the link to bid on Ebay. You have till May 15: LINK

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Charities + Fanbook

One more time, as each year since the opening of our site, we’re planning a project for Jamie’s birthday (May 1st). We always try to do something different and this year we’re making a project even bigger. It is made of three parts and here’s all the details:

Fight On For Annie charity:

Jamie recently showed his support to this charity wearing a purple FOFA wristband with his father. For Jamie’s birthday, we partnered with FOFA in order to raise money for this charity fighting against pancreatic cancer; the reason why Jamie lost his mother when he was younger. We’ve decided to give you the possibility to win a tie signed by Jamie! He signed this tie for Lisa who was with Anthony (from JDO) during the London Premiere of FSOG. So we thank her for taking part to this project too by offering her tie.
If you want to win it, you have to donate at least £2 to the charity, and the winner will be picked randomly among the donations on May 1st. To enter the contest, make the donation, see pictures of the tie, or just to get more detais, go on this LINK

TinyLife charity:

Same project, but this time for the charity TinyLife! This charity helps premature babies in Northern Ireland with Jamie being one of their patrons since 2013, as well as his father Jim. To help this charity dear to the Dornan family, we partnered with TinyLife to give you the possibility to win a Fifty Shades of Grey poster signed by Jamie. All the money will go to the charity.
If you want to win it, you have to donate at least £1 to the charity, and the winner will be picked randomly among the donations on May 1st. To enter the contest, make the donation, see pictures of the poster, or just to get more detais, go on this LINK

Fanbook “Why Do You Love Jamie Dornan?” :
Finally, here’s our fan project for Jamie’s birthday this year. Until now, all our birthday projects were virtual (video, web page…), but this year we’ve decided to create a real fanbook. Your messages will be included in this book and we’ll do our best to give it to Jamie.
To participate (until April 15), go on this LINK. All the details are written there so please read this page.

Thanks for your participations! We hope all these projects will please Jamie.

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