Jamie already contributed to several charities. Feel free to follow his example of kindness; Click below to make a donation to those charities.

"As a little boy I was fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Terminator'"

“I stopped looking at rumors about me on Google; more or less since the one saying there was a crisis in my marriage, bullshit!”


A Private War

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Fifty Shades Darker

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Fifty Shades Freed

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Robin Hood

Status: post-production   -   Role: Will Scarlet

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My Dinner with Herve

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• Best Drama Performance (The Fall) – National TV Awards - 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – BIFA – 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – National Film Awards – 2017

• Best Actor in a Lead Role Film (Jadotville) – IFTA - 2017

• Best Celebrity - Ulster Tatler Awards - 2017


Sunday, October 04th, 2015

Gala dinner

Last night, Jamie attended the Gala dinner organized by the golf Championship Alfred Dunhill Links. This gala and the firework were hold before the last day of the championship which ended today. Jamie is now back in London. You can find 7 pictures of the evening in the gallery.

Sunday, October 04th, 2015
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Third Round

Yesterday, Jamie played the third round of the golf tournament Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Once again, he played with Peter Uihlein but unfortunately there won’t be a 4th round for them since their team is not in the 20 best ones.

Still, we ca be very proud of Jamie’s course and especially on his first day. We are sure that Jamie enjoyed playing at the Championship again and we hope he will return next year.
For everyone who wants to know more about Jamie’s performance yesterday, here’s a great recap of what Jamie and Peter made throughout the day; written by Karoline:

The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship is a non-profit organization driven on raising funds to support various works of charity and volunteering. To be asked to participate in such an elite tournament comes with great honour and Jamie Dornan couldn’t have been happier to return. The chance to participate offers more than just invaluable advice from pro golfers -the prestigious invitation to simply participate is nothing short of complimentary.

Yesterday, Jamie saw his second year at the ADL come to an end as he sadly did not place high enough on the leader boards to compete in the third and final round of competition. Dornan and his partner Peter Uihlein placed 147th out of 168 teams which sadly was not quite good enough to advance to Round 4 of the tournament.

The sun was glistening on the grassy greens of Kingsbarn when Jamie and Peter took to the 10th hole. But optimism didn’t last long as Jamie lost his ball on the course while Peter, the pro, offered up a double bogey, two shots over the expected average for said point in the game which is the worst score one can achieve in golf.

Dornan and Uihlein needed to hit below par on all games if they had any hopes of achieving a spot in the top 20. Although they did accomplish this on seven holes; 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12 and 16 two of which were executed by Dornan. However Dornan and Uihlein put another double bogey on the 13th hole. Jamie’s no pro, so it was Peter’s score used on for the leader boards.

Overall, Jamie played exceptionally well. So well, he accomplished three of the best and highest scores throughout the games. All other points are courtesy of Peter who played an average score on most of the holes, except the 15th where he did better than a bogey and on the 16th where he hit his last birdie (One put less than the expected average)

In conclusion, Dornan and Uihlein ended their time at Dunhill Links with a total of 206 points. They scored -10 par which was 20 points over the team who placed first.

The cumulative score obtained by Dornan and Uihlein over the course of their three days on the green was not great in terms of a championship pro-am. But it didn’t have to be. Jamie played with class, elegance and style and is far from his self proclaimed Bad Golfer title.
As for his post golf experience, Jamie has been spotted at the Gala Dinner with fellow golfers enjoying a well deserved pint of beer; the perfect end to a fantastic tournament.

Jamie and Peter made a total score of 71 points; you can find all their score details on this link: SCORE
Last year, Jamie made 66 points for the 3rd Round

Moreover, you can find 90 photos of the day in the gallery, as well as lots of fans pictures

Friday, October 02nd, 2015

Second Round

Today, Jamie played the second round of the golf tournament Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. He will play the third one tomorrow at 10:17 with his golf partner Peter Uihlein.
For everyone who wants to know more about Jamie’s performance, here’s a great recap of what Jamie and Peter made throughout the day; written by Karoline:

DAY TWO: Carnoustie. The most ambitious course in the tournament and at St. Andrew’s. Unfortunately, Carnoustie shows no mercy to those who visit it. Jamie attacked the green well and his efforts did not go unrecognized. The idea of simply being accepted as an amateur pro is recognition enough for Dornan as he rose to the challenge brilliantly.

Jamie contributed points on 6 holes (1, 4, 10, 11, 15 and 18) where he maintained par. On all other holes Jamie made bogey – or perhaps Double Bogey, as stated on his stylish flat beak he recently sported in a spread for Guardian Magazine. Birdies were made on holes 6 and 13 however Jamie was not the contributor.

Peter has secured a score of 72, which is expected of the golfers at Carnoustie. However Jamie was able to actually reduce the score to 71 on the 18th hole. Peter eventually hit a bogey which allowed their team to place among those reaching for the 74th position.
The game was suspended during the late evening as darkness started to swell. Teams will have the chance to compete in the second round before the beginning of the third. That being said, Dornan and Uihlein’s place on the leader board may change.
Although the chances of Dornan and Uihlein making the top twenty are slim.

Jamie and Peter made a total score of 71 points; you can find all their score details on this link: SCORE
Last year, Jamie made 64 points for the 2nd Round

Moreover, you can find 60 photos of the day in the gallery, as well as lots of fans pictures.
Below, you can also watch a video interview of Jamie for Daily Record

Thursday, October 01st, 2015

First round

Today it was the first round of the golf tournament Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Jamie played with Peter Uihlein and they will play their second round tomorrow at 11:12. For everyone who wants to know more about Jamie’s performance, here’s a great recap of what Jamie and Peter made throughout the day; written by Karoline:

« A year really helped. You don’t feel as scared on the first tee. We’ve been lucky with the weather and so I’ll just relax and enjoy. » That’s how Jamie reflected on his take of his second participation to the championship for the next 3 days. Four, if he and his partner Peter Uihlein make it the final round on Sunday.

So how did he do on this first round? He did really great for an amateur playing with the pros, not so good as a team, as they missed the top 20 on the Leaderboard. Jamie and Peter need to land a spot among the top 20 teams if they want to compete in the final round. After today’s game they feature at number 24 out of 168 teams.

The team completed the Old Course at St.Andrew Scotland with a score of 64 with 8 points under par. To refresh your memory, the par on a golf course is the average strokes (number of ball hits) expected on a course. The lower number of strokes you make on a 18-holes course, the better you are. The Old-Course has a par of 72. With a score of 64, Jamie and Peter played 8 strokes under the average expected.

According to the team scorecard, Jamie played par on holes 2, 4 and 9.On hole 7, he scored a birdie. He registered a 5-stroke bogey (so did Peter) on hole 12. It’s not possible to know what Jamie’s results are for 11 holes because he scored more than Peter. As the goal in golf is to finish the game with the less strokes possible, the team records on the leaderboard the lowest score between the two players. But Jamie blew the crowd and TV analysts away on the 18th hole when he scored a magnificent 64-feet eagle. This shot made the highlights of the day on NBC Golf Channel and on the European Golf Tour website. It looks like Jamie also worked wonders on hole 15, where he most likely managed another eagle, It must have been less impressive (like it could be said that scoring an eagle is non-impressive) as it didn’t produce any buzz among the online golf community.

According to Janice H., a devoted golf fan that knows her stuff a lot, It is possible to think that Jamie’s handicap can be something between 15 and 10 (meaning 15 or 10 strokes above par). She bases her belief on Peter’s individual score and the overall team results.

Tomorrow, Team Dornan-Uihlein play the Carnoustie Course. It is said to be the most difficult among the three courses. He’s teeing off at 11:12 AM local time. Let’s hope they can somehow improve their game a bit to finish in the top 20. But needless to say, any Jamie Dornan fan can be really proud of him today.

Jamie and Peter made a total score of 64 points; you can find all their score details on this link: SCORE
Last year, Jamie made 71 points for the 1st Round

Moreover, you can find 50 pictures in our gallery as well as a few videos from today below, including the famous 18th hole video.

– “It’s a shame Rory wasn’t here to see that,” Jamie said about the putt after his round. “But I’ll be texting him to let him know.
– Following a remarkable eagle on the final hole at St Andrews, he said: “That’s up there as one of the most amazing feelings of my life.


Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Training, September 30

Jamie is already in Scotland for the golf championship Alfred Dunhill Links which starts tomorrow. He trained today in St Andrews with other players. You can find more than 30 pictures in the gallery, as well as a video below.
Some fans were able to see him today and you can check their pictures in the gallery too.

Edit: New video of Jamie being interviewed: