Jamie already contributed to several charities. Feel free to follow his example of kindness; Click below to make a donation to those charities.

"As a little boy I was fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Terminator'"

“I stopped looking at rumors about me on Google; more or less since the one saying there was a crisis in my marriage, bullshit!”


A Private War

Status: Filming   -   Role: Paul Conroy

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Status: post-production   -   Role: Nick

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Fifty Shades Darker

Status: Out Now    -   Role: Christian Grey

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Fifty Shades Freed

Status: post-production   -   Role: Christian Grey

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Robin Hood

Status: post-production   -   Role: Will Scarlet

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My Dinner with Herve

Status: post-production   -   Role: Danny Tate

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Status: Pre-Production   -   Role: Prisoner

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Untitled David James Kelly project

Status: in development   -   Role: Unknown

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Your first and best source on the Irish actor and former model since 2011. Jamie is known as a model with his major campaigns for several brands such as Dior, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. As for his acting career, it took off thanks to his role in the TV show Once Upon a Time and his unforgettable role as a serial killer in The Fall. In 2015, his popularity becomes worldwide with his biggest role so far, Christian Grey, in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Dakota Johnson. In 2016, Jamie was the main actor in three other movies: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Jadotville and Anthropoid. His upcoming projects are the movie Untogether and a new adaptation of Robin Hood. You will find all his news on the fansite and a gallery as complete as possible.

Jamie's 2017 Schedule

•   January - May   -   Robin Hood Filming

•   ...   

•   Feb 2   -   Fifty Shades Darker Premiere (LA)

•   Feb 7-9   -   Fifty Shades Darker Europe Premieres

•   Feb 12   -   British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA)

•   Feb 26   -   The Oscars

•   June - August   -   My Dinner with Hervé Filming

•   July 5   -   The Dubai Duty Free Irish Open

•   Sept 2   -   #Game4Grenfell

•   Sept 9   -   Mary Shelley TIFF Premiere

•   October 5-8   -   Alfred Dunhill Links

•   Nov - Dec   -   A Private War filming in Jordan

•   Dec 18-22   -   Filming Hugo Boss campaign in Azerbaijan

Jamie's 2018 Schedule

•   January   -   A Private War Filming in London

•   Jan 19   -   The Graham Norton Show (UK)

•   Feb 1   -   The Late Late Show with James Corden (US)

•   Feb 6   -   Fifty Shades Freed Premiere (Paris)



• Best Drama Performance (The Fall) – National TV Awards - 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – BIFA – 2016

• Best Supporting Actor (Anthropoid) – National Film Awards – 2017

• Best Actor in a Lead Role Film (Jadotville) – IFTA - 2017

• Best Celebrity - Ulster Tatler Awards - 2017


Sunday, October 15th, 2017


Last week, during the Alfred Dunhill Links in Scotland, Jamie gave an interview to Ronan Keating (who was playing there too) for his Magic Radio Breakfast Show. Golf wasn’t the main subject as Jamie was asked about his upcoming projects. We learn that My Dinner with Hervé will be released in March 2018 and that Jamie will film a new projet at the end of November!

You can read the transcript or listen to the interview below:

Speaking on Ronan’s Magic Radio Breakfast Show Jamie did his best to keep details on the new movie secret despite getting a grilling.

Dornan revealed, “I’m about to jump into something at the end of November but it’s not official yet so I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that.”

Intrigued by his secrecy, Ronan probed for as much information as he could get out of the actor.

“It’s not a Marvel film or a DC Comic film, it’s a million miles away from that and I’m definitely not going to be the next James Bond, but it’s something I’m very excited about.”

The Boyzone star spoke to Dornan after completing their first day of a celebrity-professional golfing competition, in which they are both participating, to chat about his upcoming film projects and his performance on the course.

The actor did open up about his upcoming film ‘My Dinner with Herve’ on HBO, which he stars in alongside Games of Thrones star Peter Dinklage and Harriet Walter.

“About six weeks ago I finished a movie for HBO called My Dinner with Herve – amazing cast of people. That’s gonna come out on HBO in March I think and then it’ll get a cinematic release in the UK and Ireland, so I’m pleased with that.”

The third and final instalment of the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, in which Dornan plays billionaire Christian Grey, is due to be released in cinemas in February.

Jamie surprised himself with how well he played, telling Ronan: “You’ve seen me hit some shockers over the last couple of years here and I have to say today something clicked and I felt really good. I felt like a golfer for about 15 holes!”

As the interview came to a close, Ronan discovered Jamie is a fan of his Breakfast Show on Magic Radio when he asked what his favourite Magic song was.

“I’m such a fan of Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong. You know I was listening to it the other day and you played it on your show. I was driving through the Cotswolds, my wife and I, and you played that and I was singing along.”

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Scotland, October 5-8

Last week, Jamie participated to the annual Alfred Dunhill Links championship in Scotland. Like last year, Jamie teamed up with pro Tyrrell Hatton. The first course was in St Andrews, second one in Carnoustie and third one in Kingsbarns. Once again, Jamie and Tyrrell were qualified for the last round on Sunday in St Andrews as well. Jamie and Tyrrell reached the 12th place of the Team Leaderboard (Pro -32), and congratulations to Tyrrell Hatton who won the pro Championship for the second time!

Once again, it was a huge pleasure for me to attend the championship and watch Jamie playing all week! I also lived some unforgettable moments with him there and I thank him again!.

You can find all the pictures of the event in the gallery:
Training (October 4)
Round 1 (October 5)
Round 2 (October 6)
Round 3 (October 7)
Round 4 (October 8)
My pictures

Events > 2017 > Alfred Dunhill Links Championship 2017

Personal Photos > With fans

You can also watch 4 videos below, three interviews and my video of Jamie playing on the courses.

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

October 5-8, 2017

It’s now official, Jamie will be back in Scotland in October for the Alfred Dunhill Links championship! It will be hold from October 5 to 8 and Jamie will play with a professional player as usual. A very good news and let’s hope Jamie will do as great as last year. Moreover, the website alfreddunhilllinks.com published a new interview of Jamie that you can read below.

In this interview, Jamie reveals that My Dinner with Hervé will air in April 2018! He also mentions Robin Hood but the movie won’t be out in March anymore, as the release date has been postponed to September 2018!

10 Questions: Jamie Dornan back at St Andrews

Question: How much do you enjoy playing in the Alfred Dunhill Links? What makes it special?

Jamie Dornan: I love it. The chance to play a few of the best courses in the world alongside some of the best players in the world can’t be sniffed at.

Question: What was it like walking down the 18th in the final group on Sunday last year?

Jamie Dornan: Terrifying. I felt a bit lost but just wanted Tyrrell [Hatton, the winner] to drink it all in.

Question: Was it a better feeling than holing out for your eagle on the 18th the year before?

Jamie Dornan: I hacked it down the 18th last year, so definitely have fonder memories of my eagle the year before.

Question: You’re making a habit of playing with winners – Danny Willett in 2015 and he went on to win the Masters; now Tyrrell Hatton, who went on to reach 14th in the world.

Jamie Dornan: I’m a lucky boy. I think my game gives them confidence when they see just how badly someone else can hit the golf ball.

Question: Your partner Tyrrell won, but you only finished fourth in the Team Championship, behind Danny Willett and his caddie Jonathan Smart. Were you pleased to finish fourth, or disappointed you didn’t win?

Jamie Dornan: Was cool to finish fourth, but once we were up there I wanted to win. I’m competitive and was annoyed at myself that I didn’t contribute more over the weekend.

Question: You look quite relaxed on the course, is that the case?

Jamie Dornan: It’s nervous laughter most of the time!

Question: Does being an actor, with your work being seen by so many people, mean you don’t suffer from nerves on the 1st tee?

Jamie Dornan: Not at all. This is way outside of my comfort zone

Question: Now that you’ve played three times, what is your assessment of the courses?

Jamie Dornan: The closing three holes at Carnoustie are simply impossible for an amateur.

Question: Where does golf fit into your life at the moment? How often do you play?

Jamie Dornan: I get to play about 8/10 rounds a year these days. Simply not enough, but work and two daughters under four doesn’t allow for a great deal of time to myself.

Question: What are your next big work projects?

Jamie Dornan: I’ve got 50 Shades Freed coming out in February, Robin Hood out in March (now September 2018), and My Dinner with Hèrve coming out in April.

Friday, April 07th, 2017

Jamie Dornan’s tribute

Following the sad news of Don Rickles‘s death yesterday, Jamie wrote this beautiful tribute to his idol for the newspaper The Guardian. You can read it fully bellow. Jamie tells his meeting with the comedian and his friendship with him in this well written and emotional text.

Jamie Dornan on Don Rickles: ‘The world just lost a lot of laughter’

Don Rickles was my friend. I feel truly honoured that I can write those words with conviction. Although I didn’t know him for long or particularly well, he was still a friend and someone – along with his wife, Barbara – that I cared for very much.

I was first introduced to the genius of Rickles via YouTube about eight years ago. While searching for Frank Sinatra interviews, I stumbled upon a series of grainy uploads from the original Dean Martin show comedy roasts. The format is simple: in each episode, there is a different known personality that is made to sit on a dais in front of a large audience and television cameras while flanked by other well-known faces from the world of comedy, politics and film. They then, in turn, get up to a microphone and proceed to ridicule the celebrity in question.

In every single roast that I watched – and I’ve seen them all – Don Rickles was the runaway funniest participant. The bravado, charm, menace and soaring wit with which he ripped these guys apart was simply monumental and I was hooked. In those days, the chosen participants were proper stars. Huge names: Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Orson Welles, Ronald Reagan, Gene Kelly, and they all loved being taken apart by Rickles. Roasting is still around today, but it’s developed into something crass where profanity is preferred to wit. Don wasn’t a fan of the new style of roasting and these days, the events don’t have quite the same glamour as when Don was in his pomp.

By leaving no one unscathed, he made everyone equal, and that was his power. Over the years, he developed the nicknames the Merchant of Venom and, most famously, Mr Warmth. But the irony was simple to see for anyone who knew him because in reality he was one of the most loving, caring, and generous figures you could know. He was a lover of the world and everyone he shared it with.

My own personal experience with Don started in February 2015. I’d been on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and used up about four minutes of my seven minutes of allotted time talking about Don Rickles and how I kept a signed picture of him (the only person I’ve ever asked for one) above my bath.

The following day at JFK airport, my publicist called me to say that Don’s publicist had been in touch and that Don would love to talk to me on the phone. I nearly exploded with excitement. The next day, I spoke on the phone for half an hour with Don and Barbara. He delivered on every level. It was a few weeks shy of their 50th wedding anniversary. I asked Don: “What are you doing to mark the occasion?” He replied like a bullet “I’m leaving her.” I actually laughed so hard that I hurt my throat.

We became email buddies, with the wonderful Barbara facilitating most of the correspondence. We made it on to their Christmas card list. We were constantly trying to arrange to meet in person; schedules never allowed it. Don still toured prolifically, up until his last days.

Finally, on 8 November 2016, we made it happen. Craig’s restaurant in Beverley Hills, Don and Barbara’s usual table in the corner (I know – how cool?). We got drunk and talked about everything, from love and loss to Sinatra, Elvis, comedy and politics. Notable Hollywood figures kept coming to the table to say hello, desperately hoping to be put down by the great man, to be “Rickled”. It was such a night.

It was followed by going to see him do a show with Regis Philbin a few nights later. I brought my friend Emma, and we laughed constantly. I went back to say hello after the show, along with Don’s best friend – the legendary Bob Newhart.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen him. My wife had bought me tickets to see him do a show in Atlantic City in 2013 and we flew out and had a ball. Little did I know that a few years later I’d be calling that man my friend. What an honour. He was developing a new series that I was going to be a part of called Dinner with Don. When our first scheduled recording got postponed due to his ill health, I feared the worst. Sadly, I was right.

Don Rickles will live on long in our home as the voice of Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story franchise. It’s great that our kids love him like we do. Our girls will be so impressed to know that daddy and the potato were pals. I simply feel so lucky to have known him, if only for a tiny fraction of his almost 91 years – his birthday would have been in May. The world just lost a lot of laughter.

Thursday, March 09th, 2017

Femina Magazine

Here’s a new interview of Jamie for the Swiss magazine Femina. It was made for Fifty Shades Darker promotion but we learn new stuff on Jamie and it relates his past! You can read the full interview below.
Thanks to Emmanuelle for the translation!

“Fifty Shades Darker”: all of Jamie Dornan’s inspirations

Now that “Fifty Shades Darker” is making Swiss moviegoers shiver with pleasure, the actor portraying Christian Grey reveals himself as a little boy fascinated with Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. “They were my two favourite actors. I imagined myself in the shoes of Bruce Willis in his ‘Die Hard’ films, and I dreamed of becoming ‘Terminator’,” he said. More surprising than these testosterone-heavy heroes, one of his sources of inspiration when he was young was an American comedian, Don Rickles (who began in the 1950s thanks to Frank Sinatra, and who’s still working today, at 90, and touring with his one man show across the USA). “I’m obsessed with Don Rickles,” admits Jamie. “I think he’s the funniest man in the world. One of the best birthdays of my life was when I’ve been surprised with tickets to his show, in Atlantic City.” Jamie is such a big fan that he’s kept a signed picture of Rickles. “Besides, I’d love to play in a comedy, to shake my image,” he confides in passing.

Outside of the industry, his father, Professor Jim Dornan, a well-known gynaecologist and obstetrician in Northern Ireland, is his role model. “He means so much to me! Dad has always been able to find the right words when something bad happened.” Hard times, bad luck first stroke Jamie when he was no older than 14. Its name: pancreatic cancer. The victim: Lorna Dornan, his mother, who died 18 months later. Jamie had just turned 16. “It was the turning point in my life, the moment I stopped being a child and became a man, almost overnight,” he tells. Weirdly enough, he adds, “the only thing that helped me was knowing that her cancer was inoperable. I lived during these 18 months knowing that her death was inevitable. We had to make the most of every moment with her. To this day, I still think this kind of lucidity, as hard as it can be, is better than hanging onto an illusionary hope.

If you point out the intensity of his gaze when he talks about these events, the model-turned-actor quickly goes from sadness to humour. “A doctor once told me that my level of adrenaline was abnormally high, that must be why!” Before going back to his memories: “A year after mum’s death, four of my best friends from school died in a car crash… I’ve been through the worst times of my young life between 16 and 17. Fortunately, my dad pushed me to see a professional. Without a therapy, I don’t know how I could have coped with the events and mourn without doing some bad sh*t!” He adds: “At the time, I told myself to comfort me throughout these terrible events that it was a way of growing up faster. Now, I do realise how terrible it was for a teenager. Knowing that you can be there a second, and gone the next one is scaring me even more now that I am a dad…

Indeed, since he met singer Amelia Warner, in 2011, it’s been mad love, with a wedding – on April 27, 2013 – and fatherhood. “The bases of my daily life haven’t changed because of my success. My wife is the same, we live in the same house… We chose not to change anything in our daily life, to keep a quiet life. With two children under 3, our days look nothing like a glamorous life in Hollywood! In fact, we both panic if we’re not asleep before 10pm, because we have to be up early in the morning for our daughters.

Let’s go back to his younger years… And to this friendship that’s changed everything. “After mum’s death, dad suggested that I joined the Methodist College Belfast – in order to prevent me from staying home every night.” That’s where Jamie met a boy his age, David Alexander, whose father had just died as well. “We had so much in common! We could talk all night long… Until we decided to put our emotions into music.” They then founded a musical duo, Sons of Jim – their fathers both being called that name. “Music allowed me to travel, allowed me to sing in different cities, and then to settle in London. That’s when I decided to try to be an actor… even if, at 20, nobody wanted me.” Luckily, modelling was there for him. Jamie Dornan earned a living by posing in underwear for Calvin Klein and Dior. “I used to hide from my agent that I played rugby with my mates, because my contract didn’t allow me to play physical sports.

Discovered by Sofia Coppola, he briefly appeared as Count Fersen in 2006, opposite “Marie-Antoinette” (a.k.a. Kirsten Dunst). His career as an actor was launched. Now, surrounded by an erotic and scandalous aura, he is “Fifty Shades Darker’s” Christian Grey. Next, he’ll be Will Scarlett, Otto Bathurst’s “Robin Hood’s” half-brother. Success, to hot Jamie Dornan’s eyes? Yes, that’s nice. “But the best thing in my life as a man is to be a dad!

What’s his “thing”? Seeing Dulcie, our eldest, asking after her sister as soon as she wakes up. ‘Where is baby?’ she asks, at two and a half. It’s so cute!
His unsuspected talent? Playing rugby. At 14, I’d even given up school to play and become a professional player. But a couple of broken bones got the better of my calling.
On his shame list? Being a model. That’s a thing I’ve never enjoyed. That being said, when you’re 20 and you can either do this or be a waiter in a bar… And it clearly paid better!
His last giggle? With my wife, a night when our daughters were asleep, and we decided to have a sweet night together. We ended up falling asleep at 8.30pm!
His buzz? I invite your readers to enquire about TinyLife, which I support. Thanks to my father who’s a doctor, I found out early about the work this foundation has been doing for almost 30 years to help parents of premature babies around the world.
His feminine news? Kim Basinger plays Mrs. Robinson, who taught Christian Grey everything about S&M. I must admit I was impressed and fascinated by her. I would have loved to talk about “Nine ½ Weeks” with her, but I just couldn’t. 30 years after it was released, it’s still a classic!

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