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- January 11:
Golden Globes

- February 11:
'Fifty Shades of Grey' at Berlinale Festival

Jamie already contributed to several charities.
Feel free to follow his example of kindness;
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Jamie won 2 IFTA awards on April 5th 2014:
- Actor in Leading Role (TV)
- Irish Rising Star (TV/Film)

The Fall also won 2 awards,
including best TV Drama

GQ Men Of The Year Awards
Jamie won 1 GQ Award on September 2nd 2014:
- Vertu Breakthrough Artist Of The Year Award

Ulster Tatler Awards 2014
Jamie won 1 Ulster Award on September 18th 2014:
- Celebrity Award of the Year

     » The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
    Status : In Production
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Dr Allan Pascal
IMDB | Photos

     » The Siege of Jadotville
    Status : Filming in 2015
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Commandant Pat Quinlan
IMDB | Photos

     » "Adam Jones"
    Status : Production
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Unknown
IMDB | Photos

     » Fifty Shades of Grey
    Status : Production
    In theatres : February 2015
    Role: Christian Grey
IMDB | Photos

     » New Worlds
    Season 1 (Channel 4)
    Status : Released / On DVD
    Role: Abe Goff
IMDB | Photos

     » Flying Home
    Status : On DVD (Belgium)
    Role: Colin Montgomery/Evans
IMDB | Photos

     » The Fall
    Season 2 (BBC 2)
    Status : Airing
    Airing : Sundays (RTE One) / Thursdays (BBC Two)
    Role: Paul Spector

    Season 1 (BBC 2)
    Status : Released
    Role: Paul Spector
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01 . 27 . 2015

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Scans + Interview

Jamie and Dakota feature in the Spanish magazine Fotogramas. You can find the scans in our gallery; thanks to Inma

Moreover, the magazine contains several quotes from the cast and crew in Spanish but thanks to LaFanny for the English translation! You can read Jamie‘s ones / or those about him, below:

2. Jamie Dornan (Belfast, Northern Ireland 1982) didn’t read the book before getting the role. “I started reading it before the audition…” At this time, he has read the complete trilogy.

3. Who has not read it is his wife, English actress/singer Amelia Warner. “She has only skim the book… her friends have certainly read it” He says pouting.

5. When he was called in for the Christian Grey’s role audition, he reinterpreted an iconic scene from “True Romance” where Christian Slater meets Patricia Arquette.“It was difficult to perform it as Grey” He says.

7. Dornan assured that he has little in common with Christian. “I don’t like the cars or the fucking helicopter. I’m a a free spirit, not a control freak. Hopefully, Sam and EL James thought I was the top contender for the role.”

10. Dornan and Grey have a tragic past in common. He lost his mother of pancreatic cancer when he was a teenager. Later, four friendsdied in a car crash.

14. Before signing up, Dornan signed a contract to ensure his “parts” won’t be shown.“Viewers wouldn’t see my todger” . However, as the director says: “We didn’t want to film that kind of movie. And hopefully we can always show a butt cheek of his”. She laughs.

18. How to obtain “a Grey body”? He complains about “With only 4 weeks before starting shooting, there is no more I could do”. He attributes it to have good genes and to be into sports. “I take them seriously. Sports let me be more competitive than I am in other areas.

19. Both Johnson and Dornan “did their homework”. She spoke with two profesional submissive, and he spent a night with “Liam, a dominatrix that introduced his submissive to me. I needed to know about it.

20. The Dornan’s warning to the Toys of Fifty Shades, “There’s nothing like a S&M survival kit. There’re thousand of different objects, everyone has a favorite.” Funny moments, “How to hold this?” says Dornan “It’s like playing golf, you’ve got many different clubs… but each one has a different function

22. To be a lover of sailing has helped Dornan to tie knots. Between this and the Fall series two « I’ve been tying women for 7 months »

26. To put a blanket over them when they were naked didn’t work. “There’s nothing sexual on filming sex scenes. There are a lot of people, which isn’t how you usually have sex. Unless you like it.

27. Unlike some other movies where the film crew get undressed as a sympathy with the actors, Dakota and Jamie where the only ones naked. “Who wants to see them naked?” says Dornan.

30. Jamie Dornan’s favorite erotic movie is Badlands (Terrence Malick 1973). “Well, it’s my favorite film.

31. For Dornan, the worst thing about being naked was the “modesty patch” to cover his private parts. “To start everyday putting your “parts” inside… it was not sensual”.

32. When filming, he was really stuffed “with shaving my beard. I fell naked without it. I miss the beard. After all, I hate shaving.

33. His past as a model helped him when playing the role. “The difference is that I can’t lose the concentration or got serious.

34. Dornan has posed with Eva Mendes and Rosie Hungtinton. Both shared the same humour.

35. Both Dakota and Jamie are clear about the idea of Grey as a superhero, a fantasy.

36. “You cannot be prepared to be this generation’s sex symbol. But this is better in my 30s than 20s. People will not believe it but I’ve been working for so long.

37. “Women love Grey because of his prowess. A very attractive attribute.” Dornan says.

40. Why should a man watch Fifty Shades? “It may beneficial for both parties if you go and see that film.

01 . 27 . 2015

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Shadows in the Sun


We’ve been told by email that the DVD of the movie Shadows in the Sun will be re-released! Jamie plays Joe, one of the main characters in this 2009 Independent British drama. Studios Artificial Eye UK will be re-releasing the movie on February 9. You can already pre order the DVD on Amazon on this link
You can find the new DVD cover in our gallery and check the trailer of the movie below.

01 . 26 . 2015

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Fifty Shades of Grey


One new still of the fim has been released today during the Americain show Today. You can check it in our gallery!
By the way, next week, the show will share more exclusive stuff! Indeed, they will air exclusive scenes as well as interviews of the crew and cast including Jamie. Three days will be dedicated to FSOG in the show: Monday February 2, Thursday February 5 and Friday February 6 (the day of the Premiere in New York). Obviousy, we’ll share everything on the site as soon as possible.

Moreover, a new TV Spot has been published today. As usual, you can watch it below and check our HD screencaps of the new scenes in our gallery!

01 . 25 . 2015

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New interview

S Moda

Here’s a new interview of Jamie! He answered to the questions asked by the Spanish website S Moda. Huge thanks to LaFanny for the English translation of the interview that you can read below. Of course, the questions are mostly about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

Click on « READ MORE » to read the interview

01 . 25 . 2015

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Cine Premiere magazine

Scans + Interview

Jamie and Dakota are on the cover of the Mexican magazine « Cine Premiere » . We can find new pictures as well as a new interview of Jamie. Thanks a lot to FSOGLoveStory for the HQ scans in our gallery.
As for the interview, we’re thanking Mary for the English translation that you can read below!

It was a lot of controversy about who should play Christian Grey. How is that you got the role?
Well series of events happened, some a little weird because they wanted me from the very beginning and then they chose somebody else, and then suddenly they wanted me back. So I guess finally they chose me because Universal, Focus and Sam thought I was the right one for the role.

But why do you think they finally choose you?
Its hard to answer that without being an arrogant. I think maybe they liked my audition that I was the best at it….I don’t know, it was their decision so you´ll have to ask them.

What did you provide from yourself to Christian Grey?
You always need to have a connection with the roles you play and there was a lot of aspects about him I could use. I don’t know I just can tell that I try my best to make an honest portrait of my vision of the character. I think Grey it’s a misunderstood guy indeed I think that nobody can really get to know him because he doesn’t aloud this emotional closeness…is someone really particular it has features of a superhero and that kind of power is not achievable by everyone. He is a really mysterious man just know by some people and there are just a few pictures of him. He is an enigma, a very trouble man, I don’t think he is really happy at all. I focused on all this to play him because it’s a part I like to explore. It’s a very complex character who has a hard time dealing with the details of daily life he needs to make things work in certain ways he needs to have control on everything and feels uncomfortable whe he doesn’t.

Have you read the books before the film project?

The truth is I didn’t. I read it until I began to develop the idea that I could be the one playing Grey.

What do you think of someone like Anastasia? Don’t you think is too innocent to be a woman living in the twenty-first century?
I think indeed Grey falls because of her innocence, because he cant believe there is a 23 year old woman and a virgin and that she has this clean and honest perspective of life. These aspects make her at the end fit perfectly in the submissive role. I think he falls with her because non one has ever make him feel the way she does. In fact he breaks many of his rules to make the relationship work and eventually there are a lot of things that makes him change his ways. I think its her who puts him upside down.

Do you think a story like this could happen in real life?
I think it belongs to the fantasy I mean do you know someone like Christian Grey; no right? In my opinion that’s why people likes him and that’s why I insist it’s a character difficult to relate to because is unreachable, impossible to get to know. I see it as a sort of Bruce Wayne: its an exaggerated idea of what a man can do but that doesn’t exist in real life. So I think its fine if the story is hard to believe.

What comes first good sex or true love?
If you have the latest one then the first comes by itself. Yes I think it is definitely necessary to have the true love first.

01 . 24 . 2015

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January 24, London

Here are new pictures of Jamie! We haven’t seen him since his arrival at London airport last week. He has been spotted this morning collecting a parcel at a Post Office in London and photographed by a paparazzi. You can find 8 HQ pictures in our gallery. Thanks a lot to TL-Life.

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