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Jamie is known as a model with his major campaigns for several brands such as GQ or Boss and Calvin Klein underwear. As for his acting career, it took off thanks to his role in the TV show Once Upon a Time and his unforgettable role as a serial killer in The Fall. In 2015, his popularity becomes worldwide with his biggest role so far, Christian Grey, in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Dakota Johnson.
Jamie has now many upcoming projects: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Jadotville and Anthropoid.

You will find all his news on the fansite and a gallery as complete as possible.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Latest news

Here’s a recap post of the latest news on the movie Anthropoid


Good news for several countries because Buena Vista International (BVI) has acquired rights to Anthropoid. The movie will be released in: Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, Benelux and Eastern Europe including the Baltics and Ukraine.
The distributor will also release in the Middle East, Scandinavia including Iceland, South Africa and Turkey.

The Late Late Show

The day after the screening in England, Jamie and Cillian will go to Ireland on August 31st for the promotion of the movie. They will attend the Irish talk show The Late Late Show and record it that day. It will air the next Friday on RTE ONE.


That same day, August 31, the Audi Dublin International Film Festival will hold a Premiere of the movie Dublin. Jamie, Cillian and Sean Ellis will all be there.


Finally, here’s a new interview of Jamie and Cillian for Czech Tourism during New York press junkets.

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

New Interviews and Clips

The movie The 9th Life of Louis Drax will be released next week in the US and UK so the promotion has begun! Several interviews have been released today and you can watch below, as well as two new clips from the movie.

The first interview comes from the website Collider who interviewed Jamie and Sarah Gadon in Vancouver during the filming in 2014. A long, funny and interesting interview of 16 minutes.

They talk about who they play and how they got involved in the project.
How Jamie only got involved in the project due to the script font.
How much changed after getting cast.
How Jamie Dornan’s father is a real doctor and if that helped him with the role.
Jamie explains how his dad will always give him notes about the script and character but didn’t on this role.
How do they like to work on set and what has it been like working with Alexandre Aja?
They talk about the scene they were just shooting.
How quickly did they know they want to be involved in the project?
Did they watch anything to get ready for the film?
Have they learned anything over the last year or two that they wish they could apply years ago?

Moreover, here’s a new interview of Jamie during the Soundbites of the movie filmed in 2014 as well; and another interview from this month, when Jamie was in New York for the press junkets.
You can watch the two new sneak peeksB-ROLL video (on the set), by clicking on the links below.


Edit: Nex extract with Jamie here CLIP 4

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

October 6-9, 2016

Since 2014, Jamie participates every year to the golf championship Alfred Dunhill Links in Scotland. Today, it has been confirmed that Jamie will be back this year! He will play at the 2016 Championship taking place from October 6-9.

Here’s the press release from Alfred Dunhill Links:

Jamie Dornan returns to the scene of his greatest sporting moment

The spectators at the 18th green on the Old Course, St Andrews, in the shadow of the distinguished R&A clubhouse, raised their arms in acclamation and roared their delight.

They were saluting one of the shots of the 2015 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Not from Ernie Els, Padraig Harrington or Martin Kaymer, as it happened, but from popular film actor Jamie Dornan.

This is one of the joys of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship. Sporting achievement transcends the professionals and can come from unlikely sources. As Jamie himself says: “You can be hacking around and still be captured by the Sky cameras.

His feat was to eagle the par-4 18th hole, perhaps the most famous finishing hole in golf. His drive was short of the green and in the Valley of Sin, but his 30-foot putt, up and over the hill, found the hole for the eagle two.

Jamie said at the time: “That’s up there as one of the most amazing feelings of my life. Whatever your standard, you have your moments in golf when you play a great shot, but it’s usually on some dirt track of a course. To do that here at St Andrews, on the 18th, well, that’s the closest I am going to get to winning the Open.

From Holywood, the same town in Northern Ireland as Rory McIlroy, he added: “It’s a shame Rory wasn’t here to see that, but I’ll be texting him to let him know.

Reflecting on the shot ten months later, as he looks forward to returning to this year’s Alfred Dunhill Links Championship from October 6-9, he says: “It was my greatest ever sporting achievement. The drive was the better part. The putt was a bit of a fluke.

Jamie, star of last year’s blockbuster film Fifty Shades of Grey, and widely praised for his portrayal of serial killer Paul Spector in the BBC TV drama The Fall, says he loved every second of his debut as an amateur last year, partnering England’s Danny Willett in the Team Championship, who six months later won The Masters at Augusta.

Did Jamie give him some useful tips for Augusta? “Put it this way, Danny’s game came on immensely after getting to watch me closely over three days. That’s all I’ll say on that.” Jamie says he only plays around six rounds of golf each year, and although he is a competitive person, playing in the Alfred Dunhill Links is all about having fun.

What lessons did he learn from last year? “A golfer of my level simply can’t score well around Carnoustie.

Of his acting career, he says the film he is most proud of is Anthropoid, and he most enjoyed making the series The Fall. “I appreciate and enjoy every job, but the crew on The Fall are like family to me now.

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Latest news

As you know, all Jamie’s projects are planned for this summer and fall, that’s why many news on each of them are being released recently. Here’s a recap post of the latest news on Jadotville, Anthropoid and The 9th Life of Louis Drax.


A brand new poster of the movie has been released and added in the gallery!
It is the new book cover for the next version of Siege at Jadotville by Declan Power that you can already pre order on Amazon.


You can check several new BTS pictures from the set of the movie in the gallery.
One week after the release date of the movie in the US, most of the reviews are very good and excellent.


As we’re getting closer to the release date of the movie in US and UK, September 2, a new TV spot with several new scenes is out, and you can watch it below. Moreover, you can also watch Jamie’s interview for Associated Press during the movie press junkets.

Friday, August 12th, 2016


The movie Anthropoid is out in theaters today in US and Canada! That’s why several websites published their interviews of Jamie and Cillian today. So here’s a new recap post with all the latest released interviews.


WhoSay: Were you at all familiar with this story beforehand?

Jamie Dornan: I wasn’t familiar with this part of the WWII, and was amazed by how it changed the course of WWII. Obviously it’s huge for Czech people, this incident in history, this assassination. It was the highest ranking Nazi ever taken out. It was a revelation to read about it.

WhoSay: What are some of your personal favorite war movies?

Murphy: I like Full Metal Jacket, I like The Thin Red Line.

Dornan: Ah, he stole mine. I was going to say The Thin Red Line, and I was going to say Full Metal Jacket. There’s a film called Coming Home which I think is a brilliant take on the effects of war. Tropic Thunder, obviously. That’s a classic tale of war. There’s plenty of them, and I think they’ll keep making war films for as long as they’re making films, to be honest. They’re always relevant.

WhoSay: Jamie, I find it funny you’re known for playing the ultimate romance lead Christian Grey, but your character in this intense war film is much more quixotic, romantic, and less cynical. Do you relate to one more than the other?

Dornan: I’d say I definitely relate to [my character] Jan Kubiš more than I would Christian Grey. One of the many things that I find very alluring about this project, and playing this character, was that I haven’t played many characters who are vulnerable. I’ve often played people who are very much in control and know what they want, and are often quite aggressive with it. I liked that Jan had this vulnerability, had panic attacks, and felt that he was in over his head for a lot of the mission. I feel that I would probably react like that myself. I don’t think I would be like Cillian’s character Josef, who is stronger. He’s the one who’s got his head in the game more, and the one who’s basically the alpha. I’m not one of those people, so I think I can relate to Jan a lot on that level.

WhoSay: What projects would you want to work on next? Would you want to go into, let’s say, comedy?

Murphy: Comedy, definitely, because I think Jamie’s career is a comedy in itself. No, I have no idea. No one sends me comedy scripts. It’s just about good directors, good stories, whatever comes your way.

Dornan: I’m sort of open to anything. If you read something and there’s a character you want to play, a world you want to be in, and it happens to be funny, then that’s cool. I don’t think you want to become one of those actors that only does certain types of films. I think it’s really good to be diverse as an actor, and keep the options open. I like the idea of comedy, but Cillian can’t do it, because he’s not funny in the slightest.

WhoSay: I don’t know. I think you should do a buddy comedy together.

Dornan: We should. We should pitch that to the studios this week.

WhoSay: It would be a blockbuster.

Dornan: I agree with you.


“What did we take away from the movie? Just friendship, I would say. It’s genuine. You don’t always get that,” says Dornan.

Of course, it’s not exactly reciprocated, he jokes. “I’ve tried Cillian a million times this week and he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t get back to me. I heard that’s the kind of guy he is. And it’s true,” says Dornan.

But in reality, “We’re all genuinely proud of the movie. I’m very proud of Cillian and Sean and a tiny bit proud of myself.”

“We do this thing with my kids sometimes: ‘So if you’re stuck on a desert island, who would you have with you?’ My little boy was like, ‘Who’s the guy you did ‘Anthropoid’ with, Jamie? I’d take him. He’s funny. And the guy from ‘Fast & Furious.’ Vin Diesel. He can help. You’re just there for the comedy,” says Murphy to Dornan, who looks faux-outraged.

“I can fight off pirates and (expletive!)” he exclaims.

Click on Read More to read Jamie’s interviews for The Hollywood Reporter, Inverse, Irish Central, National Post, IndieWire and The Irish Echo, and check a new scan from People magazine.

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