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Jamie already contributed to several charities.
Feel free to follow his example of kindness;
Click on the picture to make a donation to those charities.

Jamie won 2 IFTA awards on April 5th 2014:
- Actor in Leading Role (TV)
- Irish Rising Star (TV/Film)

The Fall also won 2 awards,
including best TV Drama

     » 50 Shades of Grey
    Status : Production
    In theatres : February 2015
    Role: Christian Grey
IMDB | Photos

     » New Worlds
    Season 1 (Channel 4)
    Status : Released
    Role: Abe
IMDB | Photos

     » Flying Home
    Status : In theatres (Belgium)
    In theatres : April 2014
    Role: Colin Evans
IMDB | Photos

     » The Fall
    Season 2 (BBC 2)
    Status : Filming
    Role: Paul Spector

    Season 1 (BBC 2)
    Status : Released
    Role: Paul Spector
IMDB | Photos

     » Once Upon A Time
    Season 1 & 2 (ABC)
    Date : Released
    Role: Sheriff Graham
IMDB | Photos

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08 . 19 . 2014

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Ice Bucket Challenge


You probably all know the buzz around the Ice Bucket Challenge. It consists of a filmed video of yourself tipping a bucket of cold water all over your body in oder to help raise money for MND Research (Motor Neurone Disease). We all know that Jamie has a big heart and supports many charities. So we’re not surprised that he has participated in this challenge after being nominated by his friend, the actor Eddie Redmayne. You can watch the video below! After his challenge, Jamie chose to nominate the actor Andrew Garfield.

08 . 18 . 2014

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New photo


Jamie is back! After several months of absence on social networks Jamie has just posted this new photo on Instagram; likely in order to confirm that it’s his official account. We are so happy to see him back, always so beautiful and funny!

You can follow Jamie on his official accounts:
Twitter @JamieDornan
Facebook JamieDornanOfficial
Instagram JamieDornan

08 . 14 . 2014

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Gallery additions


Many photos have been added in our gallery these last days! We don’t always have time to announce them on the site so here’s a post which includes them all. There are new photos but also additions of old photos. Follow this recap to check all the latest photos added in our gallery recently:

New photos
- 1 scan of the newspaper The Sun about the director Guy Ritchie who wants Jamie Dornan to take the lead role in his King Arthur film series
- 2 photos from Vanity Fair magazine where we can seen Jamie and Amelia attending a benefit party for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in June.
- 2 photos of Jamie at Today Show on July 24 have been added
- 8 scans from various magazine all around the world talking about Jamie and FSOG

New/Old photos
- 1 photo of Banana Republic 2011 campaign
- 2 photos of Jamie at Calvin Klein’s launch for CK Free fragrance (August 26th), on August 26th 2009
- 2 photos of Jamie at 2013 Irish Film and Television Awards, on February 9th 2013
- 1 fan photo of Jamie on the set of his photoshoot for Elle Korea, 2009
- 1 photo of Jamie in Vancouver on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, 2013
- 1 photo from a new photoshoot of Jamie in 2001 by photographer Simon Harris

08 . 13 . 2014

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About Jamie

Today, several people talked about Jamie to different websites. Here is a post that will recap them all. First, Jamie’s father, Jim, talks about his feminist son and his role in Fifty Shades of Grey / Then, the film’s screenwriter Kelly Marcel talks about Jame’s performance / And finally, Colin O’Donoghue, actor from Once Upon a Time, also talked about Jamie in an interview.

Jim Dornan, via Dailymail:
‘Jamie might be playing Christian Grey, but he has inherited a total respect and commitment to women and women’s rights,’
‘We are all that way in the family. Jamie and my two daughters are very pro-women — I have influenced them with that.’
‘As with the role Jamie’s playing, a lot of people are into all sorts of things, and I don’t think we should knock anything that people consent to.’

Kelly Marcel, FSOG screenwriter, via EOnline:
When asking how difficult it is to write a sex scene, Aslan recited a line from the book, « Mmmm…he’s soft and hard at once, like steel encased in velvet, surprisingly tasty, salty and smooth. He’s my own Christian Grey-flavored popsicle. »
Marcel laughed and said, « She says that, ‘You are my popsicle.’ That line went in, its genius. They apparently did that scene great. Apparently Jamie is great at being soft and hard at the same time. Which is hard to do for an actor! He’s going to get an Oscar! »
But how does someone translate a « Christian Grey popsicle » on-screen? Marcel explained that scenes had to be very specific and descriptive in the script, adding that she couldn’t just write, « They made love » and move on, making things awkward sometimes.
« I had to actually describe everything! It was really embarrassing when you’re doing studio notes around the table with 12 people, » she said.

> Thus we can confirm the presence of a particular bathroom scene in the movie! Unless it will be cut within the finale editing of the movie…

Colin O’Donoghue, OUAT actor, via Zap2it:
« I think Hook could take anyone, to be honest, but I’m bound to say that. » Captain Hook actor Colin O’Donoghue brags to Zap2it in reference to any possible return of Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman. « Jamie is fantastic and a lovely guy. It’d be interesting to see how that would work, if there are any residuals from [Emma and Graham]. »

08 . 05 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: The Siege of Jadotville

New project

The Siege of Jadotville

While Jamie has just landed a role in the film formerly entitled Adam Jones (no new name yet), Jamie already has another new project! He will play the lead in movie The Siege of Jadotville. It’s an amazing news, we’re very proud of him! Here’s what Jamie said about this new role:

« I can’t wait to get stuck into Jadotville,” Jamie said.

“It’s an unbelievable story and Commandant Pat Quinlan is going to be a treat of a character to tackle. »

“I’m a big fan of both Richie Smyth and Alan Moloney and I’m very much looking forward to working with them both. »

The movie will be filmed by first-time director Richie Smyth; and here’s what he said about Jamie:

« I’m really excited to be working with Jamie on ‘The Siege of Jadotville’. I thought his performance in ‘The Fall’ was sublime. He is perfectly cast in the lead role as Commandant Quinlan and has been instrumental in bringing this epic story to life. »

As for the filming, it will start next spring in Dublin and South Africa.
Here are more details on the film:

Director: Richie Smyth
Produced by: Alan Maloney
Genre: Political thriller

Plot Based on a true story, the film centres on the siege of 150 UN Irish troops in the Congo in 1961. 150 UN Irish troops led by Commandant Pat Quinlan in the Congo in 1961, after the Pro-western leader Moise Tshombe took control of the Katanga region and killed the Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba. Jamie will play Commandant Pat Quinlan, who led the troops during the crisis. He led the UN battalion as they held out against a force of 3000 local troops led by French and Belgian Mercenaries working for mining companies.

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