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Jamie already contributed to several charities.
Feel free to follow his example of kindness;
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Jamie won 2 IFTA awards on April 5th 2014:
- Actor in Leading Role (TV)
- Irish Rising Star (TV/Film)

The Fall also won 2 awards,
including best TV Drama

     » The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
    Status : Filming in October, Vancouver
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Dr Allan Pascal
IMDB | Photos

     » The Siege of Jadotville
    Status : Filming in 2015
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Commandant Pat Quinlan
IMDB | Photos

     » "Adam Jones"
    Status : Filming
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Unknown
IMDB | Photos

     » Fifty Shades of Grey
    Status : Production
    In theatres : February 2015
    Role: Christian Grey
IMDB | Photos

     » New Worlds
    Season 1 (Channel 4)
    Status : Released / On DVD
    Role: Abe Goff
IMDB | Photos

     » Flying Home
    Status : On DVD (Belgium)
    Role: Colin Montgomery/Evans
IMDB | Photos

     » The Fall
    Season 2 (BBC 2)
    Status : Production
    Airing : October/November
    Role: Paul Spector

    Season 1 (BBC 2)
    Status : Released
    Role: Paul Spector
IMDB | Photos

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08 . 27 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

New project

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

While Jamie has just landed a role in 2 movies (« Adam Jones » & The Siege of Jadotville), he already has another new project! Hollywood Reporter announced that Jamie will play Dr Allan Pascal in the movie The Ninth Life of Louis Drax.

The film will be produced by Miramax and here’s what the chairman said about the movie:

« This spectacular psychological thriller will be a classic Miramax production, » Miramax chairman Thomas J. Barrack Jr. said. « There is no better storyteller in the industry than Max Minghella and no more talented director than Alexandre Aja. Together, they will weave a unique and masterfully crafted script with the bold and powerful talent of Jamie Dornan and his accompanying cast. »

As for the filming, it will start in October in Vancouver.
Here are more details on the film:

Director: Alexandre Aja
Produced by: Miramax
Genre: Psychological thriller

Plot The story begins on Louis Drax’s 9th birthday, when he suffers a near-fatal fall. In order to reveal the strange circumstances surrounding the young boy’s accident — Dr. Allan Pascal (Dornan) is drawn into a thrilling mystery, testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

08 . 26 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: Flying Home,Review

Flying Home

Our review

After two years of waiting we finally managed to watch the movie Flying Home with Jamie in the leading role as Colin Montgomery / Evans. We really enjoyed the movie and here is our own review of the movie:

We were really surprised by the film, by its quality and plot. Of course, the movie is about a love story but this story is very original and we learn a lot of things about Flanders and its traditions. The story is touching and director Dominique Deruddere did an excellent job in the production. He offers some great footage of the Flemish landscapes throughout the film (also several Dubai ones). All the actors are really good, Charlotte de Bruyne (Isabelle), Viviane de Muynck (Martha), Josse De Pauw (the Priest) and of course Jan Decleir (Jos).

As for Jamie, once again, he offers an amazing acting performance. In the whole movie we can discover Jamie through two different faces, the unscrupulous businessman or Colin Evans the kind and lovely American. He also did a very good job on his accent to sound like an American in the movie. Moreover, it’s very nice to see Jamie in different everyday situations throughout the film: in a plane, driving on Flanders roads, drunk and having a hangover the next day, dancing, playing squash… We can see a many-sided Jamie and it’s really nice to watch; he must had fun filming the movie. Whether in funny or dramatic scenes Jamie is able to dazzle us once again! This is a light role, less dark than Paul Spector in The Fall, and it’s also a good preview of Christian Grey in some scenes for the fans of FSOG.

To recap, this film is a great surprise! It’s an objective point of view and the full presence of Jamie does not influence our judgment that much. Of course, seeing Jamie for more than one hour is very much appreciated but as we said, the plot, its imaging/production, and even its very good soundtrack make Flying Home a very good movie. It differs from other romantic movies too flat because the whole story about pigeon racing and the deal with Wittekop gives a great material and interest to the plot. This film honors the Flanders and will probably be really appreciated for that. Our only regret is that the movie was not released worldwide but only in Belgium. We suggest you to buy the DVD and watch it as soon as possible! Colin is now our favorite Jamie Dornan’s role after Paul Spector.

08 . 22 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: The Fall,Videos

The Fall season 2

BBC Teaser

The channel BBC 2 published a teaser video of all their series, including of course, The Fall. This video depicts the first scenes of the second season! We discover several intense scenes that make us even more eager to watch the series! For now, no official airing date has been announced. However, it should air on BBC 2 around October/November. You can watch the video below:

08 . 20 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: candids


Jamie out in London, August 20

This afternoon Jamie has been seen in the streets of London with Amelia and their daughter. The paparazzi took several photos, but as usual, we added in our gallery only the ones where Jamie appears alone. Jamie’s privacy means a lot to us so we’ll never share photos of his daughter on our site. You can find 3 HQ photos in our gallery! Thanks a lot to Elodie.

08 . 19 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: various,Videos

Ice Bucket Challenge


You probably all know the buzz around the Ice Bucket Challenge. It consists of a filmed video of yourself tipping a bucket of cold water all over your body in oder to help raise money for MND Research (Motor Neurone Disease). We all know that Jamie has a big heart and supports many charities. So we’re not surprised that he has participated in this challenge after being nominated by his friend, the actor Eddie Redmayne. You can watch the video below! After his challenge, Jamie chose to nominate the actor Andrew Garfield.

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