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Jamie already contributed to several charities.
Feel free to follow his example of kindness;
Click on the picture to make a donation to those charities.

Jamie won 2 IFTA awards on April 5th 2014:
- Actor in Leading Role (TV)
- Irish Rising Star (TV/Film)

The Fall also won 2 awards,
including best TV Drama

GQ Men Of The Year Awards
Jamie won 1 GQ Award on September 2nd 2014:
- Vertu Breakthrough Artist Of The Year Award

Ulster Tatler Awards 2014
Jamie won 1 Ulster Award on September 18th 2014:
- Celebrity Award of the Year

     » The Ninth Life of Louis Drax
    Status : Filming from October 27th to December 15th, Vancouver
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Dr Allan Pascal
IMDB | Photos

     » The Siege of Jadotville
    Status : Filming in 2015
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Commandant Pat Quinlan
IMDB | Photos

     » "Adam Jones"
    Status : Filming
    In theatres : Unknown
    Role: Unknown
IMDB | Photos

     » Fifty Shades of Grey
    Status : Production
    In theatres : February 2015
    Role: Christian Grey
IMDB | Photos

     » New Worlds
    Season 1 (Channel 4)
    Status : Released / On DVD
    Role: Abe Goff
IMDB | Photos

     » Flying Home
    Status : On DVD (Belgium)
    Role: Colin Montgomery/Evans
IMDB | Photos

     » The Fall
    Season 2 (BBC 2)
    Status : Production
    Airing : October/November
    Role: Paul Spector

    Season 1 (BBC 2)
    Status : Released
    Role: Paul Spector
IMDB | Photos

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10 . 24 . 2014

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BBC interview


Today a video of an interview of Jamie and Gillian Anderson has been posted on the BBC website. They talk about season 2 of The Fall, soon to be released on BBC2.
You can find our screencaps of the video in the gallery and you can watch the video interview below.

10 . 23 . 2014

Posted by Jamie-Dornan.Org in: The Fall

The Fall season 2

More details

We can feel that The Fall season 2 is getting closer as news about the show start to be released! Today, the Irish channel RTE One announced their date for season 2, they will start airing this season on Sunday November 9th!
As for BBC, they confirmed that they will air the show on week 45 (first/second week of November). It will probably air on the November 10 week, following Irish airing each weeks. We’ll let you know as soon as an official airing date on BBC TWO will be known. At the moment, you can read this new synopsis of the first episode wich makes us even more eager!

The Fall 2X01
It has been ten days since Paul Spector told DSI Stella Gibson that she would never catch him.

As Gibson tries in vain to help Spector’s surviving victim remember the identity of her attacker, Spector is forced to deal with the loose ends that he left behind in Belfast.

His return to the city to discover that someone from his past has been helping police with their enquiries, forcing Spector to change his plans – with terrifying consequences.

10 . 21 . 2014

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The Fall season 2

RTE One teasers

The second season of The Fall should be released very soon! Probably in November actually. Indeed, we’ve learnt that the British channel BBC Two will re-air three episodes of season 1. Episode 4 and Episode 5 should follow right after the first ones. So we can wonder if BBC has chosen to re-air the first season before the airing of season 2. Which would mean that this second season should air in November !

BBC schedule:
Episode 1: BBC2, October 26, 22:30
Episode 2: BBC2, October 26, 23:30
Episode 3: BBC2, October 27, 00:30

Last year, the Irish channel RTE ONE aired the series one day before England. One episode was released on Sunday on RTE One and that same episode was released the next day, on Monday night on BBC 2 in UK. RTE One should air the episodes of season 2 first this year too because they’ve already started the promotion by releasing several teasers on TV. You can watch 3 trailers below; we can’t wait!

10 . 16 . 2014

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Our first interview

Entertainment Wise

After 3 years of activity on the site and more than 4 years as fans of Jamie Dornan, we have been interviewed for the first time this month for a website! It’s something we’re very proud of, a great achievement. We were interviewed for the site Entertainment Wise as ‘superfans‘ of Jamie. Of course, we remind you that we are fans like any others and we will never have the pretension to feel superior to you. This interview was conducted only because we run a website on Jamie, not because we would be the best fans or something else. Just wanted to make this clear for everyone.

Anyway, we’re really excited to share this interview with you on our website. A big thank you to the journalist Joanna Crawley for her kindness and professionalism. The article is very well written and our answers are well integrated and not distorted. You can find below some extracts and then the direct link to the full article.
It’s such a great day in the history of Jamie Dornan Online!

As with most fanbases, Jamie has built up his online, with countless Twitter fan pages, Tumblr sites and Instagram feeds dedicated to Dornan. One of the most established is Jamie Dornan Online, a Twitter feed and website which has grown to thousands of followers thanks to their relentless covering of everything Jamie does. The Twitter page and site are run by Laura and Anthony, two French fans who met each other online in 2010 thanks to their shared love of the star when he was a model for the likes of Calvin Klein, GQ and Boss. Back then Jamie was an active presence on Twitter, regularly conversing with his fans, which Laura and Anthony tell us was one of the main reasons he attracted such a loyal following.

Jamie might be in the Twitter wilderness right now but his fans are pushing his name out there through their own feeds. JamieDornanOnline has over 30,000 very loyal followers, including Jamie himself, something which, of course, they’re thanking the man himself for. « It’s probably all because of Jamie, » they say of their popularity. « It started with Once Upon a Time, then The Fall and now we’re even more popular thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. We owe him everything. »

What would they say to Jamie if (more likely when thanks to their determination) they ever meet him?
« First of all, that we love him of course! » they gush. « That he means so much to us. He helps us in our lives, gives us hope. That we admire him and his talent and that we’re so proud of him. Of course we’d talk about the site, asking him if he keeps checking our site and knows how hard we work on it everyday. We can’t reply to this question in a few words, it would take too long if we had to explain all the things we’d say to him. But sadly, we haven’t met him yet, we’ve been waiting for it since 2010. It’s one of our biggest dreams… » Jamie, are you listening?


10 . 15 . 2014

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Fifty Shades of Grey reshoots

Second day, October 14

As we told you yesterday, Jamie and Dakota filmed another scene for Fifty Shades of Grey reshoots yesterday afternoon. Following the first filming outside the airport (photos in our gallery), they went to Stanley Park for another one. A scene that will please all the fans because Jamie and Dakota were seen kissing! Thanks to the paps who were there for these amazing photos. At the moment, you can find 111 HQ pictures in our gallery. More will probably be added later.

- Paparazzi HQ photos: LightBoxGallery, Punkd Agency, Yappy Yap and Nigel Horsley

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