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Jamie already contributed to several charities.
Feel free to follow his example of kindness;
Click on the picture to make a donation to those charities.

Jamie won 2 IFTA awards on April 5th 2014:
- Actor in Leading Role (TV)
- Irish Rising Star (TV/Film)

The Fall also won 2 awards,
including best TV Drama

     » 50 Shades of Grey
    Status : Production
    In theatres : February 2015
    Role: Christian Grey
IMDB | Photos

     » New Worlds
    Season 1 (Channel 4)
    Status : Released
    Role: Abe
IMDB | Photos

     » Flying Home
    Status : In theatres (Belgium)
    In theatres : April 2014
    Role: Colin Evans
IMDB | Photos

     » The Fall
    Season 2 (BBC 2)
    Status : Filming
    Role: Paul Spector

    Season 1 (BBC 2)
    Status : Released
    Role: Paul Spector
IMDB | Photos

     » Once Upon A Time
    Season 1 & 2 (ABC)
    Date : Released
    Role: Sheriff Graham
IMDB | Photos

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07 . 27 . 2014

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ITV Jamie and Dakota

France and Brazil

During their trip to New York City in order to promote the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie and Dakota gave several interviews. As we saw, for Today show, but also for other TV channels around the world. On July 24, Jamie and Dakota appeared on Brazilian TV on the channel Rede Globo and on French TV on the channel M6 . As we’re French, we were able to get their French interview that you can watch below and our 11 screencaps in our gallery. However, we were not able to get the Brazilian show but we succeeded to find a filmed version that we uploaded and you can watch it below as well. We cannot wait to see them doing more interviews during FSOG promotion!

Transcript of Jamie & Dakota on French TV:
Jamie: We hope the fans of the book will feel the same about the film
Dakota: I think they’re going to like it
Jamie: We wanted to stay true to the book and wanted to make sure we tell the story and create the characters the way the fans wanted
Dakota: Both of these people have shortcomings, and…
Jamie: And failures
Dakota: …and secrets

Transcript of Jamie & Dakota on Brazilian TV:
Jamie: Hello Ana Maria and Louro José, the time has finally come.
Dakota: Mais Voce will be revealing the very first look of FSOG

07 . 26 . 2014

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New project

Adam Jones

For several days, the rumor spread on the internet that Jamie would have landed a new role in a movie. We have now been confirmed by a journalist and several famous sites such as The Hollywood Reporter that this rumor is true.
We’re so pleased to finally announce you that Jamie has joined the cast of the film Adam Jones (originally titled Chef). Unfortunately, no information on Jamie’s character of Jamie has been released yet. However, it was mentioned that a few weeks ago, Jamie spent a day with other cast members at top chef Marcus Wareing’s two Michelin-starred restaurant in Knightsbridge, London, in preparation for the film.
As for the filming, it’s goint to start tomorrow July 27 in London until September 26. Here are more details on the film and the Hollywood casting (as Bradley Cooper) alongside Jamie:

Director: John Wells
Writer: Steven Knight
Cast: Uma Thurman, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Dornan, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Emma Thompson, Lily James, Omar Sy, Sam Keeley, Sarah Greene, Alicia Vikander
Genre: Comedy

Plot The film follows a rock-star chef (Bradley Cooper) who is known for his wild style and creating explosions of taste. Hoping to land his own kitchen and that elusive third Michelin star, he’ll need the best of the best on his side, including the beautiful Helene (Sienna Miller).

We can’t wait to learn more about Jamie’s character and its importance, we hope that he got one of the main roles.

07 . 26 . 2014

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Jamie leaving his hotel in NY

Jamie was spotted by paparazzi yesterday while leaving his hotel in New York City. We don’t know yet whether he left NY already or for how long he will stay there. You can find 5 HQ photos in our gallery. Thanks to TL Life!

07 . 26 . 2014

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New photos

Several new photos were added in our gallery yesterday! Indeed, on that July 25, Jamie was spotted a few times around New York. He had fun in a bowling of the town and met two very fans! Here’s a recap of the latest photos added:

- 2 fan photos with the lucky Techna
- 2 fan photos with the lucky Kathy
- 1 fan photo with the lucky Daniella
- 1 personal photo of Jamie playing in Frames bowling

07 . 25 . 2014

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Today Show

On the set of FSOG

Following the trailer of the movie which they released yesterday, the US show Today has released this morning a BTS footage taken on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey. The journalist Natalie Morales went on set in Vancouver to interview the cast earlier this year. The extract is finally out and therefore it depicts Natalie on the set and interviewing E.L James, Jamie and Dakota in this 6-minutes video that you can watch below. Thank you to the site The50ShadesWorld for the video. You can also check our 40 screencaps of Jamie in our gallery!

Moreover, Today Show released a few extras on their site. First, this quote from Jamie during their interview but which did not appear in the video: « It’s going to be sexual and everything, but it’s not going to be something that’s going to be hard to watch, » Jamie said about FSOG. In addition, another video of Natalie interviewing Jamie and Dakota has been published. This short extract depicts Dakota joking with Jamie on the term « fluffer » and she jokes saying that Jamie needed one while Natalie doesn’t know the term. For your information, a Fluffer is an employee – in Pornographic film industry – who is responsible for keeping male performers aroused between takes during a shoot.
You can find this hilarious video below and our 20 screencaps in our gallery!

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